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The birth place of Thacholi Othenan
          The birthplace of Thacholi Othenan the legendary hero of the Vadakkanpattu (ballads of North Malabar), Vadakara boasts a great martial tradition and was a flourishing trade and commerce center in ancient times. Thacholi Manikkoth, the Kalari where Tacholi Othenan practiced his martial feats and spent long days in deep meditation before every poythu (duel), is a place worth visiting.
Birth Place of Kunjalimarakkar
            The Marakars were admirals of Zamorines. who valiantly resisted the Portuguese on high seas. Kunhali  Marakars built a fort on the southern bank of Moorad river  which was completely destroyed by Portuguese with the help of Zamorins for various reasons. The place is known today as Kottakkal. It is 46 Km. North of Kozhikode. A small hut belonged to Kunhali Marakkar with collections of ancient swords, canon balls and knives can be seen here. We have Marakkar Bhavanam in the Photo Gallery.
             A massive rock "Velliyamkallu" associated with the valiant Kunhali Marakkar Situates 13 km. off Payyoli Beach. The rock though much dreaded by navigators was safe ground for the Marakkar to attack the invading Portuguese. The fisher folk look at it with awe and fear. However., it is worth exploring it to see for oneself the beautiful figures have been engraved on it by the nature. It was on this rock that Marakars killed the whole crew of a ship belonging to the Portuguese.
Lokanarkavu Temple
             This is situated 5 km. from Vatakara. This temple is associated with the heroes and heroines of  Vadakkanpattu. In the vicinity of the temple, there are three rock cut caves. The candid murals and carvings here are of great fascination to the visitors. The main deity is Goddess Durga. The festival, locally called Pooram, is celebrated during March/April. It is believed that the temple is 1500 hundred years old. There are two temples adjacent to the Lokanarkavu with Vishnu and Shiva as deities. There are frequent buses from Kochi to Vatakara. From Vatakara there are frequent buses to Lokanarkavu. Please see our Picture of Lokanarkavu.

          Sandbanks is a famous beach which supplements the seaside beauty of Vatakara. This beach where Kottakkal puzha reaches the sea is a stunningly beautiful beach. One should reach this place to enjoy its beauty.There is a well-known Bungalow of Burlap opposite to the sandbanks beach. There are buses plying to the beach every five minutes from Vatakara. Beach is a pastime for the local people.

Silent Beach
          South of sandbanks is silent beach. One can feel an extraordinary calm while at this area of the beach. I feel that it is beyond what words can express.
Wayanad Ghats
         The green ghats enrooted to Wayanad has nine hairpin bends, each turn taking one to a higher altitude offering a better view of the picturesque plains below. The British developed this route explored by a tribal.
         The Peruvannamuzhi dam site set amid hills is a beautiful picnic spot. The reservoir here provides facilities for speed and row boat cruises during which one can see the Smarakathottam- a garden built in memory of the freedom fighters of the region. Uninhabited islands, them bird sanctuary and a crocodile farm add to the charm of the place.
Kappad Beach

         This is the historic beach where Vasco-De Gama landed on the 27th of May 1498, with 170 men in three vessels. A monument on the beach commemorates this historic event. The rock-studded beach is locally known as Kappakadavu. An interesting feature of the landscape is the sprawling rock that protrudes into the sea. The temple on the rock is believed to be 800 years old.
Nearest Airport Karipur International Airport about 23 km from Kozhikkode city


         Thusharagiri is situated 55 km away from Kozhikode City and the 'Green Splender' considered as the major tourist destination in Malabar region with four waterfalls right in the middle of the forest. The waterfalls and streams amidst the hilly regions are really a feast to eyes


Mahe (Mayyazhi)


Mahe was a French colony. It is 12 km away from Vatakara.
The world famous St. Theresa shrine belongs here. There is a beautiful beach where the Mayyazhi River enters in to the Arabian see...

A wonderful trip to Wayanadu
Wild life sanctuary. (Muthanga)
Pokkad Lake
Soochippara. (A waterfall and an adventurous place)
Meenmutty Water falls.
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