Ummer Gurukkal
 (The First Gurukkal)
Haji CMM.Gurukkal
         The leading light of Choorakkodi Kalari Sangam had an interesting life chronicle.  With a keen interest in Kalari, the traditional martial Art from Kerala, and Marma shasthra, he went out seeking every known fact about them. During his odyssey for deep knowledge, he came across fifty odd Gurus from every nook and corner of our home Land. After becoming a Guru him self. He began a Kalari center that is known as Choorakkodi Kalari Sangam. This Homegrown Martial Art Center drew quick attention from every part of the country and researches from overseas frequented the place with intense desire to learn the Kerala Traditional of Martial Arts.

(Senior students of CMM GURAKKAL)

 (A living legend of Kadatanad Kalaripayattu.)

The founder of Choorakkodi Kalari Sangam Villappally,
His efforts helped Choorakkodi Kalari Sangam to be famous in India, and abroad.
He started kalari when he was 14 years old, though he has learned kalari under many Gurukkals,
His main Gurukkal is Ustad Haji C.M MAMU GURUKKAL.
KUHIMOOSSA Gurukkal is approached by a number of pupil from abroad to learn, research and practice kalari. His pupils are given practice in Vadakkan, Thekkan, and Madhya Kerala styles. He has attended a lot of discussions about kalari in deferent medias.
He has been working as an executive member of Kerala State Kalaripayattu Association, President of District Kalaripayattu Association,
Vice President of Kadatanad sports and arts organization (Govt. approved) at present.
He is a famous Kalari Marma and Ayurvedic practitioner as well he is a member of Parambarya Vaidya Federation. He has traveled all over India and GCC on behalf to kalari.


         He has started his Kalari practice sine 1987. One of the senior students of Moosa Gurakkal. He has presented many programs in India and abroad.

         He started to practice Kalari when he was 13 years old; he is the active presence of CKS. One of the senior students of Moosa Gurukkal. He has also participated in deferent programs in India and aboard. He is also massage specialist and Marma Chikitsa practitioner.
         He has been active for last 8 years. One of the senior students of Moosa Gurukkal. He has also participated in many programs. He is a well kwon dancer too. He has worked in cinema field related kalari.
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